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Custom Closet Solutions

Cosmic Closets is renowned for providing a unique and enjoyable experience when creating your home or business storage systems.

Here are the steps we typically go through to ensure you are given the best possible experience when creating a managable, and exclusively yours, closet or storage system.

Get in touch with us! You can call us directly at (780) 413-0255 or reach us through the contact form any time, any day, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

From there we will set up your FREE in-home consultation where together we will establish your needs and set out a personalized plan for executing your dream space.After the initial consultation, we will return to our office to plan and develop specific details that will go into your project. While this is happening, it is best to follow any recommendations your Cosmic Closets representative has given you about any previous shelving setups.

Here are some general guidelines for preparing your space:

  • You should start by emptying all your clothing and articles out of your closet on the day of the scheduled installation. Most garments can temporarily be hung in other closets until the job is complete. If available space is lacking many of our clients lay their clothing out on the bed, as it generally will not get wrinkled if rehung promptly after the closet is prepared.
  • Remove the existing shelves and mouldings (if applicable), if you are not able to, you can opt for our installers to remove them professionally at a nominal fee.
  • If you had wood shelving before, the moldings which held the old shelving in place will not interfere with our installation of your new closet system. Therefore they do not have to be removed and you can avoid the task of plastering and painting your closet. However, should you find that your closet requires a fresh coat of paint, it would be wise to remove the moldings or shelving, and plaster all holes before hand.
    The appearance of the finished product is greatly enhanced by a fresh coat of paint and smooth walls. 

Off to the races! Now that we have a plan for your space and the space is prepped, we're all ready to go to work. The time of installation varies depending on the quantity of closets to install and the type of closet product used. Generally, melamine closet systems require four - six hours of installation time for an average sized walk-in closet. Ventilated closet systems can be completed in one to two hours; depending on the size of the closet.

Peace of mind closet systems.

  • Cosmic Closets is covered by a complete commercial insurance policy.
  • Our melamine closet systems carry a one year warranty with regard to the product workmanship and installation. Our ventilated shelving is covered by a 10 year manufacturer's warranty, as well as a one year parts and labor warranty of our own. Should you have any problem with any product purchased from our company we will replace it, or fix it, free of charge during the warranty period. These warranties apply to the original purchaser.
  • Safety has become a growing concern in the construction industry. Cosmic Closets is proud to say that we have achieved and maintained our “Secor”. We have also developed and implemented a health and safety program approved by the Alberta Health & Safety Asc.
  • The owner of Cosmic Closets Inc., Stewart Lazanik, is constantly searching the marketplace for new and innovative ideas. Cosmic Closets will try to always provide you with the correct closet product for your circumstance; whether you want melamine built-ins, ventilated shelving, basket systems or just want to organize the garage to better fit your lifestyle. We will design a system that truly meets your needs and desires.

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